Multi-disciplinary approach to multi-media

Wednesday, 13 February 2002

Students in the new Bachelor of Media degree at Adelaide University in 2002 will be able to undertake on-line study in Multi-Media Technology through a course developed by engineers, but with a non- technical approach. The course is being offered on a trial basis and may be available on a fee-paying basis in future.

The new course was developed by the University's Centre for Telecommunications Information Networking (CTIN) in partnership with Learn.ed Solutions, a private sector education company that specialises in the design and delivery of electronic education services.

The course covers the basic knowledge of multimedia technology, in an interactive and non-technical way and focuses on how it can be applied and why it has become such a useful tool.

Students in the Media degree in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences are the first at Adelaide University to trial the new course, but James Giesbrecht, Senior Research Engineer at CTIN says, "In the future students in other faculties may be able to count the course towards the requirements of their degrees."

"We believe that the course has the potential to enable students in every discipline to enhance their understanding and use of multi- media technology both to access information and to produce their own material," he says.

The course content is stored on CD-ROM and examinations are taken online. Students will study topics at their own pace, while assessment of student knowledge is likely to occur during regular university examinations.

"The new Multi-Media subject is not only practical, but through its delivery method we are ensuring that students also develop appropriate and necessary skills," Mr Giesbrecht says.

He says the partnership between CTIN and Learn.ed Solutions was providing students with access to an important subject area at an appropriate and up-to-date technical level.

"Students who complete the course should have a good understanding of how multi-media technology works, and how to use it," he says.


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