Putting Adelaide on the space map

Thursday, 25 July 2002

The city of Adelaide has the chance to become one of three world leaders of research and development in the "space environment".

Today is the final day of the World Space Environment Forum being held at the University of Adelaide. The forum has brought together scientists from all over the world to discuss key space environment issues, such as:

  • the impact "space weather" has on Earth's climate, environment and technology
  • how space weather can be forecast

The event is organised through the University's National Institute of Theoretical Physics, which hosts one of three Centres of Excellence of the World Institute for Space Environment Research (WISER). As a Centre of Excellence, Adelaide physicists have responsibility for coordinating research and training activities in the Asia-Pacific Region.

"The Forum this week and our ongoing work convinces us that Adelaide is primed to lead Australia and the region in further developing expertise in the space environment," says the Director of the National Institute for Theoretical Physics, Professor Tony Thomas.

"With support from governments and industry, there would be many key benefits to the State and the nation from our work."

These benefits include:

  • improving Australia's access to international space programs
  • encouraging the development of a space industry in Australia
  • building on Australia's reputation in hi-tech research and development

"We're currently involved in work with 20 countries around the world," says Professor Abraham Chian, Director of WISER.

"Adelaide is also singled out as one of the three world centres of excellence, along with Italy and Brazil, in this area. Now is the time for us to capitalise on that and really put Adelaide on the 'space map'."


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