Space science degree blasts off at Adelaide

Friday, 16 August 2002

DEMAND is expected to be high for the University of Adelaide's newest science degree, the Bachelor of Science (Space Science and Astrophysics).

Details of the new degree have been announced in the lead-up to this weekend's Information Day on Sunday, August 18 at the University's North Terrace Campus.

The first of its kind in South Australia, this new degree aims to produce graduates that are well suited to careers in space and astrophysical research.

Graduates are likely to follow career paths in a range of industries, putting into practice the knowledge gained in astronomy and other areas of physics and geophysics. Opportunities include employment in hi-tech research and development industries, including defence, as well as universities, other research institutes and national space agencies.

"Work in this field is vitally important in improving our knowledge and understanding of the universe as a whole, and in enabling us to understand the environment within which space vehicles and planet Earth must operate," says the head of the University's Department of Physics & Mathematical Physics, Dr Roger Clay.

"There are many potential opportunities for graduates in this field."

Support from Dr Andy Thomas

The University's own astronaut graduate, Dr Andy Thomas from NASA, says he's pleased to see so much interest in space at a local level.

"I sense great excitement in many of the young people when I talk about space flight. They will carry that feeling all their lives, and perhaps one day we will see those feelings crystallize into a tangible involvement, by Australia, in some of the exciting space explorations that will be taking place in this century," he says.

"Leaders who have failed to understand the long-term return of these kinds of investments have sentenced their communities to dependency on the strengths of other countries, with a subsequent loss of economic prowess and competitiveness. We have seen this happen in Australia. It is my belief that the new generations of students taking these kinds of studies will be equipped to seize the future opportunities, and thereby reignite the economic strengths of the country."

Details about the new degree will be available at the University of Adelaide's Information Day.

WHERE: Bonython Hall, North Terrace
WHEN: Sunday, August 18, 10am-4pm


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