Adelaide dairy cows to become the world's cream

Wednesday, 4 September 2002

The University of Adelaide's Roseworthy Campus will become the Australian supplier of some of the world's top dairy cattle and genetic stock, thanks to a new contract signed by the University and a major international company this week.

The Roseworthy Campus, which operates its own dairy herd, has signed a contract with SEMEX Pty Ltd, the Australian arm of the Canadian- based SEMEX Alliance, an international supplier of dairy genetics.

Under the deal, an "elite herd" of the Holstein breed of cattle will be created at the Roseworthy Campus. Holstein cattle are widely regarded as among the world's best dairy cattle.

The agreement means the University of Adelaide will become the first Australian centre of elite Holstein genetics, with access to the best genetic stock available.

The dairy herd at Roseworthy is already counted among the top 30% of Holstein genetic stock in Australia. It will become an elite herd over the next five years, with benefits to industry both nationally and internationally.

The agreement between the University and SEMEX was announced last night at the Royal Adelaide Show's Holstein sales, by Mr Paul Larmer, Sales and Marketing Manager for the SEMEX Alliance Canada and Director of SEMEX Pty Ltd Australia, and Mr Jim Conroy, General Manager for SEMEX Pty Ltd in Australia.

Mr Larmer, in Adelaide to judge the Holstein section at the Royal Adelaide Show, says the concept of the elite herd at Roseworthy is an exciting development for both the University and SEMEX.

"It is our objective to obtain a global genetics profile in all the major dairy populations of the world," Mr Larmer says.

The Director of the University's Roseworthy Campus, Professor Simon Maddocks, says the agreement significantly enhances the Roseworthy vision of the provision of first-class training facilities in agriculture, as well as continuing the development of commercial success for Roseworthy's farming operations.

"The Roseworthy Farm has to be a commercially viable enterprise for it to fulfill its purpose as a teaching unit," Professor Maddocks says.

"It is critical that the Roseworthy facilities continue to offer students access to best practice as part of their training. The management of this elite herd will give our graduates unique first- hand training and exposure to the processes and skills needed to be among the best in this industry, not only nationally, but on an international level."


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