University to implement security measures

Monday, 21 October 2002

The University of Adelaide has decided to implement new security measures resulting from a three-month review of security at its North Terrace campus.

The review, which began in July, has involved consultation with students and staff, and involved an appraisal of the various security services duties.

While the review found that the University of Adelaide has a good track record of security, several recommendations for improvements have been made:

  • freeing up of security officers from non-essential duties so that more officers are available "on the beat"
  • installing more security cameras and alarms on campus
  • improving access control to all buildings
  • working with the Adelaide City Council and South Australian Police about security issues in the grounds surrounding the University.

Currently, the University's Security Services office is staffed 24 hours a day. Night-time services include a minimum of three patrols a night, not just of the campus but also around the adjacent parklands and buildings, such as the sports fields and residential colleges.

"We are all shocked and saddened by what has occurred at Monash today, and by the death of Dr Margaret Tobin last week," says the University's Vice-Chancellor, Professor James McWha.

"Our review of security pre-dates these current events, but we are mindful that action is required now.

"The University of Adelaide takes security issues seriously, and in light of events over the last week we feel that we should introduce improvements to our security as soon as possible."

The Vice-Chancellor has repeated his comment that there have been no physical attacks reported on the North Terrace campus in the last two years.


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