Clock strikes at Roseworthy - 120 years later

The Roseworthy building as it has stood for 120 years...

The Roseworthy building as it has stood for 120 years...
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...and now with the clock and bell.

...and now with the clock and bell.
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Wednesday, 12 March 2003

The main building at the University of Adelaide's historic Roseworthy Campus has a new face - a clock face, that is.

120 years after the Roseworthy building was completed, a clock has now been installed in the building as originally planned back in 1883.

That clock will be officially opened today by the Vice-Chancellor, Professor James McWha, at the Roseworthy Campus.

"When the architects designed the main building for what was to be Australia's first agricultural college, provision was made for a clock as a prominent feature," says project manager Mr Bernard Arnold.

The clock is a Swiss precision clock adjusted automatically by a global positioning system connected to Greenwich Mean Time, together with a bell.

Mr Arnold says the clock has been installed thanks to a gift by Roseworthy Old Collegian and retired farmer Mr James H. (Jim) Newland. Mr Newland graduated in 1935 and farmed near Naracoorte. Two of Mr Newland's sons also studied at the Roseworthy Agricultural College.

"On display in his home Mr Newland had an art print of the Roseworthy building, and he was constantly reminded of the absent clock," Mr Arnold says. "Late last year he decided that he would make a gift of the clock to the University."

Unfortunately Mr Newland is not expected to be able to attend due to ill health.

Where: Main Building, Roseworthy Campus
University of Adelaide
When: 3.30pm, Wednesday, March 12


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