Students dish up multicultural salad!

Tuesday, 9 September 2003

Overseas students studying at the University of Adelaide are holding their 10th annual Multicultural Week from September 9-12, to celebrate the diversity of cultures on campus.

Multicultural Week (or M-Week as it's known by students) was created in 1993 by the University of Adelaide's Overseas Students' Association.

Entirely organised by overseas students, the annual event highlights the wider benefits that international students studying in Adelaide bring to the university and the wider community.

"The week aims to promote understanding and allow an insight into the many and varied cultures here at the University of Adelaide," says Malaysian student Sarah Harris, from the Overseas Students' Association.

"Overseas students contribute an enormous amount to the diversity of students' educational experience on campus, and they also contribute enormously to the community of Adelaide in general," she says.

"This year's theme is 'Cultural Salad', which is a reflection of the 'cultural mix' at Adelaide and the fantastic mix of food and activities we have in store for people during the week."

On opening day (Tuesday), everyone is invited to wear traditional costumes, and express their uniqueness.

Events include performances of African drum music, martial art displays, belly dancing, bands, Hungarian dancing, break dance and swing, while a wide selection of food includes Malaysian, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, German and Indian. There will also be an exhibition of cultural pieces by Nexus in the Barr Smith Library.

"M-Week has survived 10 years and become a mainstay event on the university calendar," Ms Harris says. "We hope the event will continue to grow and attract greater support so that the aim of promoting cultural awareness is realised.

"The success of M-Week depends on people participating and sharing in the diversity found in our microcosm of the world. Unity and harmony on campus surely bodes well for the world at large, so we hope to see you there!"


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