University of Adelaide backs Fair Trade Fortnight

Friday, 2 May 2014

The University of Adelaide, one of only eight Fair Trade (FT) universities in Australia, is urging the community to get behind Fair Trade Fortnight (3-18 May) by replacing everyday items with FT alternatives.

Fair Trade Fortnight, and World Fair Trade Day (10 May), are celebrated annually to promote the importance of purchasing FT.

University of Adelaide Vice-President of Services and Resources, Paul Duldig, says many people understand the importance of using FT products but Fair Trade Fortnight helps to act as a reminder.

"The FT movement is about working with small-scale farmers and workers to provide fairer prices, better terms of trade and additional funds for development opportunities. It's a powerful way for people to help reduce poverty through everyday shopping," Mr Duldig says.

The University of Adelaide is the only FT university in the state and since receiving accreditation in 2012, it has been promoting the initiative through events and activities on campus, and encouraging staff to purchase FT tea and coffee options for kitchenettes.

"The University of Adelaide is proud to be part of the FT community and we support the Fair Trade Collective, a student club, to promote the initiative on campus," he says.

"As a FT University, our staff and students are also able to purchase FT tea and coffee from on-campus retailers, including Grass Roots and The General Store," he says. "And we're always working towards increasing the FT options available at the University.

"Our involvement in the FT movement is part of our broader commitment to sustainability, reducing negative impacts on the environment and fostering a sustainable culture on campus."

Visit the Fair Trade Collective's website for information on their Fair Trade Fortnight activities. For more information about FT universities, visit


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