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Monday, 18 July 2016

The University of Adelaide has decided to bring its collaboration with The Ngee Ann Kongsi to an end and wind up their joint education venture, Ngee Ann-Adelaide Education Centre (NAAEC) in Singapore, and The Ngee Ann Kongsi has agreed to the same.

The Ngee Ann Kongsi and the University of Adelaide first partnered in 1998 to deliver top quality education through NAAEC, but after 18 years of good and productive work, the partners in the joint venture have agreed it is time to bring the joint venture to a close.

Since the establishment of the NAAEC, the global Higher Education market has changed dramatically, with the emergence of new models, and developments in new technology, including a move to blended learning, favouring content partnering or licensing over brick and mortar delivery.

At the University of Adelaide, we have also redirected our own strategic focus to the small group discovery and close interaction with researchers.

Over the 18 years the NAAEC has seen over 2,500 students graduate with a degree from the University of Adelaide. The University remains committed to our alumni in Singapore and to ensuring our existing students have the opportunity to properly finish what they began.

NAAEC currently has over 700 students studying in the Business, Finance, Commerce, Nursing, Education, Project Management and Computer Science programs that are accredited to the University of Adelaide. A final intake of about 90 students will commence this Semester, and we will stop accepting new enrolments from 18 July, 2016.

The University of Adelaide is committed to providing every opportunity for all of our existing students to complete their qualification with us (or with an alternative provider if they so choose). The Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) will have direct oversight of the transition arrangements, and project management resources will be dedicated to ensure an effective and tailored response to students.

The University will be working with every student individually in August to develop an academic plan, including reviewing their completed courses, courses requiring completion, teaching timetable and learning options.

Singapore has been the source of some of the University of Adelaide’s most gifted graduates and prestigious alumni.

The University will continue to hold our Singapore students in high esteem, and to support and engage alumni through events such as our annual dinner (the next is July 23), indeed with renewed and targeted vigour.

The University of Adelaide looks forward, in the decades to come, to continue to educate and mentor the future leaders of the region.


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