Modern tools for students at one of our oldest universities

Monday, 9 January 2006

The University of Adelaide, in collaboration with IBM/Lenovo and Commander is pleased to announce a scheme that will provide better access to laptop computers for students at the University of Adelaide.

Ms Susan MacIntosh, Executive Director, Student & Staff Services at the University of Adelaide said, "The University of Adelaide is a student-focused university committed to providing a unique learning environment.

"In an environment where the higher education community finds itself increasingly under funded by the Government, the University of Adelaide has found great support in its industry partners to help make facilities and services more accessible to our students."

The Personal Notebook Acquisition Program was introduced in mid 2005. The deal was constructed to deliver students a cost-effective deal for high-quality, reliable equipment, ready for immediate use.

Evaluation of the initial stages of the scheme suggest it has been very successful and the University is now preparing to formally launch the first full year of the program.

All notebooks acquired via the Personal Notebook Acquisition Program are pre-configured for use on the University's Wireless Network, which was launched in September 2003.

Notebooks also have pre-configured software installed including Windows XP Home, Norton's Anti Virus, open office and wireless connectivity software.

This personal acquisition scheme is available to all students and staff at the University of Adelaide at:


Contact Details

Clive Martis
General Manager
Information Technology Services, University of Adelaide
Business: (08) 9303 6120