Not another Uni hoodie - new fashion for students at O'Week

Monday, 19 February 2018

new fashion for students at O'Week

Students who attend the University of Adelaide’s 2018 Orientation Week during 19–21 February will be among the first to be able to purchase University branded clothing that steps away from the traditional varsity-style wear.

The University of Adelaide has teamed up with Adelaide-based Australian Fashion Labels’ The Fifth Label to create a progressive range of University branded clothing that is on-trend and reflective of the styles students and young graduates wear socially. The range features a grey slouchy tank ($19.95) and re-worked track jumper ($64.95), and a white fitted tee ($24.95).

“University clothing has been growing in popularity right across Australia, and it helps students to feel a sense of pride and belonging at their university," says Anita Head, Deputy Director Marketing and Communications, from the University of Adelaide.

"Often there's a sameness to the traditional varsity-style clothes you can buy from one Australian university to the next.

New fashion for students at O'Week“As well as offering the more traditional styles, we're now providing a different option to students who want to show their pride in our University, but would like to do it in a way that aligns with their own identity,

"In partnership with Australian Fashion Labels, who produce The Fifth Label apparel brand, we've developed affordable pieces that reflect the relaxed and comfortable style that students are already wearing, and have drawn on the aesthetic and creative direction of The Fifth Label,” says Ms Head.

Australian Fashion Labels is a group of leading Australian fashion designers based on North Terrace, across the road from the main University of Adelaide campus.

“We wanted to work with a local but globally-minded partner on this project, and Australian Fashion Labels provided a great fit for our student audience,” says Ms Head.

Sarah Thompson, Global Marketing Manager, from Australian Fashion Labels says this is the first time The Fifth Label has collaborated on a project like this for branded clothing.

“The Fifth Label, among our range, provided a great alignment of values and desired outcomes, and we feel the collaboration with the University of Adelaide offers a versatile, fashionable look for students,” says Zoey Vink, Head Designer at The Fifth Label.

“The clothing we've developed reflects modern styles, trends and functionality, and is similar in style to our monthly collections so we know they work and are very wearable,” says Ms Vink.

The line is available in women’s sizes as The Fifth Label is a women’s apparel brand; however the University plans to reinvest proceeds into a men’s or a unisex range.

The clothing will be launched at a pop-up store at the University’s North Terrace campus during Orientation Week. It can also be purchased online.


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