Admissions to Coursework Programs Policy


This policy sets out the University of Adelaide's approach to the selection of applicants for admission to coursework programs. It reflects the University's commitment to the highest academic standards by only selecting applicants who are likely to succeed in the University's programs, and by encouraging broad access to those programs.

The policy aims to ensure the integrity of the selection and admission processes, and that admission decisions are transparent, consistent and fair, whilst complying with relevant legislative and regulatory requirements.

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Admissions to Coursework Programs Policy D2016/264925 Admissions_to_Coursework_Programs_Policy_-_effective_1_January_2017_-_endorsed_by_~_also_see_notes.pdf [111.1K] (application/pdf) 25 Jun 2019
D2016/264925 Admissions_to_Coursework_Programs_Policy~516_-_approved_by_Vice-Chancellor_and_President_5_August_2016_-_see_d2016174786.htm [36.2K] (text/html) 19 Dec 2016
D2015/193504 Policy_for_Admissions_to_Coursework_Prog~s_-_with_amendment_to_clause_9__-_approved_by_the_Vice-Chancellor_6_August_2015.htm [31.4K] (text/html) 10 Aug 2015
D2015/193504 Policy_for_Admissions_to_Coursework_Programs_and_Enabling_Courses_-_with_amendment_to_clause_9__-_approved_by_the_Vice-Chancellor_6_August_2015.htm [31.4K] (text/html) 7 Aug 2015
D2015/130561 Admissions_to_Coursework_Programs_and_Enabling_Courses_Policy_(2).htm [31.1K] (text/html) 26 May 2015
d2013/155185 Policy_for_Admissions_to_Coursework_Programs_and_Enabling_Courses_-_approved_by_Council_15_July_2013.htm [39.3K] (text/html) 16 Jul 2013
d2012/233729 Admissions_to_Coursework_Programs_Policy~cember_2012_-_approved_by_Acting_Vice-Chancellor_and_President_18_December_2012.htm [31.3K] (text/html) 19 Dec 2012
d2010/144843 Admissions_to_Coursework_Programs_Policy_D2010_144843__Pol_227.htm [25.2K] (text/html) 26 Jul 2012
d2010/144843 Admissions_to_Coursework_Programs_Policy_-_approved_by_Vice-Chancellor_and_~_source_document.htm [25.1K] (text/html) 17 Nov 2010
n/a Admissions_Policy_2007_08_Final__28Sep07.pdf [293.4K] (application/pdf) 3 Sep 2009
  Admissions_Policy_2007_08_Final__28Sep07.pdf [135.5K] (application/pdf) 28 Sep 2007
  Admissions_Policy_2007__v3__Dec06.pdf [172.4K] (application/pdf) 14 Dec 2006
  Admissions_Policy_2006__v15__Jan06.pdf [355.7K] (application/pdf) 10 Jan 2006
  Admissions_Policy2005v8Apr05[1].pdf [406.9K] (application/pdf) 24 Jun 2005
  AdmissionsPolicyJan2005.pdf [228.0K] (application/pdf) 17 Jan 2005
  AdmissionsPolicy2005.pdf [245.6K] (application/pdf) 22 Dec 2004
  UndergraduateAdmissionsPolicyMar04.pdf [155.5K] (application/pdf) 22 Mar 2004
  AdmissionsPolicy.pdf [195.4K] (application/pdf) 31 Jan 2003

RMO File No. 2010/9415
Policy custodian Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic)
Responsible policy officer Executive Director, Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic)
Endorsed by Academic Board on 3 August 2016
Approved by Vice-Chancellor and President on 5 August 2016
Superceded Policies Admissions to Coursework Programs Policy Admissions Policy
Policy for Admission to Coursework Programs and Enabling Courses Disability Entry Guidelines
Effective from 1 January 2017
Review Date 31 December 2019
Contact for queries about the policy Learning & Quality Support:

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