Alcohol Management and Use Policy


The University of Adelaide is committed to providing its staff, students and visitors with a safe, secure and inclusive community. The University recognises that staff, students and visitors enjoy a range of social activities on and off the University's premises. However, excessive and irresponsible service and consumption of alcohol puts at risk staff, students and visitors, University property and the University's reputation. The purpose of this policy is to encourage moderation and responsible attitudes to the use of alcohol; and outline University expectations and requirements for the responsible management of service and consumption of alcohol on and off University premises.


Policy reviewed by Council 6/14 on 14 July 2014; s.1.2(e) amended. Custodianship transferred from DVC&VP(A) to COO on 9 May 2019, see d2019/98463.

Title Version Date uploaded
Alcohol Management and Use Policy D2019/98921 10 May 2019
On-Campus Event Checklist D2016/114868 23 May 2016
Off-Campus Event Checklist D2016/114868 23 May 2016
Alcohol Management Flowchart d2014/37894 19 Feb 2014
Licensed Areas map d2014/42524 19 Feb 2014

RMO File No. 2013/3591
Policy custodian Chief Operating Officer
Responsible policy officer Executive Director, Infrastructure, tel: 8313 6120
Endorsed by Vice-Chancellors Executive on 5 February 2014
Approved by University Council on 17 February 2014
Related Policies HSW Handbook - 3.22 Events Safety Management
Effective from 17 February 2014
Review Date 28 February 2017
Contact for queries about the policy Executive Director, Infrastructure, tel: 8313 6120

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