Student Health Assessment and Leave Policy


The University is a research and learning community where students of diverse backgrounds and circumstances are supported to participate in the pursuit of knowledge.

Students have the primary responsibility for maintaining their own health and wellbeing. In addition, the University has a framework of policies and services to assist students to manage ongoing or intermittent health conditions which could impact on their studies. Students should be encouraged to seek the advice and support of these services. Where a serious health condition adversely impacts on capacity to study or behaviour and risks harm to self or others, or otherwise disrupts the activities of the University, a health assessment and/or a leave of absence from study and a managed return to study may be initiated by the University under this Policy.

Scope and Application

The Student Health Assessment and Leave Policy applies to all students who are enrolled in an undergraduate or postgraduate coursework program, a higher degree by research program, or in any type of enabling course, non-award unit or pathway or community access program, regardless of where they may study or reside (in Australia or overseas).

The Policy may be applied where there is a concern that a student has a serious health condition which may adversely impact on their study, behaviour or on the academic, business or social activities of the University. For the purposes of this Policy, a serious health condition includes mental health and medical conditions.

This Policy will be applied in accordance with the Student Health Assessment and Leave Guidelines. Nothing contained in this Policy is intended to alter or limit the full extent of the University's right to suspend or exclude a student at its absolute discretion, subject always to the relevant University statues, rules and policies, the requirements of regulatory authorities and the laws of Australia.

Policy Principles

1. The University supports students to manage health conditions they experience by

a) providing counselling and disability support services

b) making reasonable adjustments to the learning environment and assessment procedures

c) allowing special circumstance fee remissions to lessen financial impact on students where possible

d) facilitating leave from study, including retrospective amendment to enrolment status.

2. The University protects the confidentiality of information about students by

a) maintaining academic records that contain only necessary personal information for academic purposes

b) ensuring that all personal information is kept in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles and other standards related to health records, where appropriate

c) seeking consent to share information where it may further the interests of a student.

3. The University observes the rights of students by

a) treating all with respect, impartiality, courtesy and sensitivity

b) ensuring transparency in all processes and clearly communicating expectations and outcomes

c) meeting obligations for procedural fairness, including providing opportunities for a range of views to be taken into consideration, and ensuring access to the University's established grievance procedures

d) recognising statutory obligations and the guidelines and standards established to guide the work of health professionals.

4. The University informs students by

a) providing details in writing of how decisions or actions will impact on their University-related enrolment or activities

b) giving adequate opportunity to respond to reports, assessments and any outcomes of decision-making processes

c) seeking the student's consent should a health assessment be required.


Serious health condition includes a health condition, including mental health conditions or disability that adversely impacts on a student's capacity to successfully progress in a course of study or results in repeated behaviour that adversely impacts on other students or staff.

Date uploaded 17 March 2015

Policy Control Information

RMO File No. 2018/7992
Policy custodian Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic)
Responsible policy officer Executive Director, Division of Academic and Student Engagement
Endorsed by Academic Board
Approved by Vice-Chancellor and President
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Related legislation Disability Discrimination Act 1992 (Cth)

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Equal Opportunity Act 1984 (SA)

Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)

Mental Health Act 2009 (SA)

Effective from 5 September 2018
Review Date 4 September 2021
Contact for queries about the policy Manager, Student Affairs, Division of Academic and Student Engagement, or telephone 33191

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