Cold Storage Management Policy


The University recognises the importance and value of its Critical Materials required for research and teaching purposes, and is committed to their effective storage and management. Critical Materials are those items used for research and educational purposes which have a risk impact rating of major or extreme/irreplaceable. The risk rating relates to the level of impact on a research or educational program if the materials were lost or damaged. Some of this Critical Material, either being actively used or archived, requires cold storage in ultra-cold (-800C) freezers, -200C freezers, 40C fridges and liquid nitrogen vessels.

RMO File No. 2016/894
Policy custodian Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research)
Responsible policy officer Dr Georget Reaiche-Miller, Biobank Manager, tel 8313 4807 or
Endorsed by Academic Board on 4 September 2019
Approved by Vice-Chancellor and President on 4 September 2019
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Superceded Policies Research Freezer Management Policy
Effective from 5 September 2019
Review Date 5 September 2022
Contact for queries about the policy Dr Georget Reaiche-Miller, Biobank Manager, tel 8313 4807 or

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