Student Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response Policy


The University of Adelaide provides students with a safe environment which promotes the respect of each member of the University community. Sexual assault or sexual harassment against any student or member of the University community is unacceptable. Any reported sexual assault or sexual harassment will be taken seriously, investigated and may constitute misconduct.

The University promotes an environment that is free from sexual assault and sexual harassment. In support of that commitment, the University takes steps to increase awareness of sexual assault and sexual harassment, provides support for survivors, investigates all reports of sexual assault and sexual harassment, and deals fairly with all parties. Where investigations find that an incident of sexual assault or sexual harassment has occurred the University will take appropriate action.

This policy supports the University's framework for dealing with student misconduct, which consists of the Statute Chapter 3 - of Student Misconduct, the Student Misconduct Policy, the Student Misconduct Rules, the Student Behaviour and Conduct Procedure, and the Student Charter (together the 'Student Misconduct Framework'). Alleged misconduct by staff or titleholders is managed under the University of Adelaide Enterprise Agreement (as amended) (staff) or the Titleholder Conferral of Honorary Roles Procedure (titleholders).

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