Outgoing Sponsorship Policy


The aim of the University of Adelaide's Outgoing sponsorship policy is to: coordinate the University's sponsorship activities; ensure the suitability of the sponsorship activity; and understand the value of the sponsorship activity in terms of commitment and the outcome.

The policy and supporting documentation are structured to ensure sponsorship efforts are coordinated and consistent across the University.


Policy reviewed by Chief Operating Officer and re-affirmed for further three year period with clerical amendments - see D2017/261782

Title Version Date uploaded
Outgoing Sponsorship Policy D2017/261788 19 Feb 2019

RMO File No. 2004/2835
Policy custodian Chief Operating Officer
Responsible policy officer Director, Marketing and Communications
Approved by Vice-Chancellor and President on 4 August 2014
Related Policies Giving Policy
Brand and Visual Identity Policy
Effective from 4 August 2014
Review Date 13 December 2020
Contact for queries about the policy Director, Marketing and Communications, ext. 34699

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