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  • Adelaide Policy Framework
    The University of Adelaide governs the organisation through Government legislation, University statutes, policies and guidelines. The University of Adelaide's Policy Framework is the operational struc...
  • Award of Emeritus/Emerita Professor, Emeritus Fellow and Honorary University Fellow Titles Policy
    The policy provides for the award of emeritus titles to honour and acknowledge distinguished and sustained service to the University.
  • Behaviour and Conduct Policy
    The University of Adelaide aims to encourage a working environment of respect, transparency and integrity through appropriate behaviour and conduct and through compliance with relevant legislation.
  • Chancellor Honorarium Policy Restricted to Staff & Students
    Council in November 2014 approved an Honorarium be given to the Chancellor of the University of Adelaide.
  • Collections Policy
    The Collections of the University of Adelaide include the Library Collections (eg books, theses, digital resources), Special Collections (eg Rare Books and Manuscripts), the Archives, Museum and Herit...
  • Financial Management Policy and Procedures
    The University has been entrusted with public and private funds to fulfil its mission of learning and teaching, research and community engagement. In carrying out activities to support its mission, th...
  • Non-Controlling Interest Policy (Equity)
    The purpose of this Policy is to provide a Non-Controlling Interest governance framework where the University holds equity.
  • Recruitment Policy and Procedures
    The University of Adelaide aims to attract, select, appoint and retain quality staff. This policy sets out principles and procedures to ensure staff recruitment and selection practices are consistent,...
  • Research Education and Supervision Policy Restricted to Staff & Students
    The intent of the Policy is to provide guidance for, and support and development of, a positive approach to research education and supervision, enabling students to produce high-quality outcomes withi...
  • Staff Development, Performance and Promotions Policy and Procedures
    The University aims to: build the knowledge, skills and capabilities of its staff in support of the University's world class research and excellent student experience; enable all staff to be and perfo...
  • Student Misconduct Policy
    This policy aims to bring together the key elements of the University's framework for dealing with student misconduct in a manner that is clear, consistent, and fair, and in accordance with the princi...
  • Student Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Prevention and Response Policy
    The University of Adelaide provides students with a safe environment which promotes the respect of each member of the University community. Sexual assault or sexual harassment against any student or m...
  • University Volunteer Policy Restricted to Staff
    The University recognises the significant contribution that volunteers make to the University and wider community throughout a range of programs.

    The University seeks to ensure volunteers are wel...