If you are a graduating student, a guest attending a graduation ceremony, a former student, or a staff member, you will find plenty of information relevant to you below.

Graduation Ceremony Live Stream

All University of Adelaide Graduation Ceremonies will be live streamed at https://www.adelaide.edu.au/live/

At the time of the ceremony, please visit the above link to view the live stream. The April/May 2021 Ceremony Program is also available here.

COVID-19 travel restrictions - April/May 2021 graduation ceremonies

For graduates who have applied to attend the April/May 2021 graduation ceremonies, current advise regarding COVID-19 interstate travel restrictions is as follows:

Please continue to monitor the travel information released by the Government of South Australia and SAPOL, in case there are any updates. We strongly advise that graduates do not make any changes to their graduation application until it is certain that they will be unable to attend the ceremony; because once an application for the April/May ceremonies is changed to a different presentation event, it will not be possible for that graduate's attendance at the upcoming ceremonies to be reinstated.

For graduates who are unable to attend the April/May 2021 graduation ceremonies, the option to defer attendance to the September 2021 graduation ceremonies will be available. It is important that the following action is taken before the date of the scheduled ceremony:

  • For graduates conferred between September 2020 - March 2021: You will be able to defer your graduation ceremony in Access Adelaide. Please navigate to Access Adelaide > Graduations > View/Update Application > and change your Presentation Event to the September 2021 graduation ceremonies. Please ensure that you save your changes.
  • For graduates conferred prior to September 2020: As over 12 months have elapsed since your conferral, the option to defer your graduation ceremony will no longer appear in Access Adelaide. As such, you will be required to complete the COVID-19 Special Circumstances Request Form on our Business Rules website. You will be required to submit a Commonwealth of Australia Statutory Declaration with your request, as evidence that you are residing in a location that is impacted by COVID-19 travel restrictions.