Ceremony Dates and Deadlines

The September 2020 graduation ceremonies did not take place on the dates originally proposed. The change in dates has occurred due to COVID-19 and current South Australian Government advice regarding density requirements for events and gatherings.
If you applied to attend the September 2020 graduation ceremonies (including those who transferred from April/May to the September ceremonies), you have now been transferred to In Absentia September 2020. The following arrangements are now in place for all graduates with a current In Absentia September 2020 application:
  • Your testamur will be issued ‘In Absentia’ from Monday 21 September 2020 (collection bookings essential). This applies to all graduates who either applied to attend the ceremonies or applied to receive their testamur In Absentia.
  • You are also invited to attend a Graduation Celebration Event between the dates of Thursday 29 October – Friday 6 November 2020.

Collecting your testamur In Absentia will not have any impact on your eligibility to attend the Graduation Celebration Event.

Attending a Graduation Celebration Event

The Graduation Celebration Events will be held in Bonython Hall between the dates of Thursday 29 October to Friday 6 November 2020, to acknowledge your achievements.

Registrations for the Graduation Celebration Event closed on Friday 18 September. If you registered to attend the event, an email was sent to you on Friday 25 September with your confirmed event date and time. This information can also be found below.

Testamurs will not be issued as a part of the Graduation Celebration Event.  For information about receiving your testamur, please refer to the details below. If you have already collected your testamur we encourage you not to bring this back onto campus for photos, as this may risk damage to the document. There is a $150 fee if you are required to purchase a replacement testamur due to loss or damage.

FAQs are available on the COVID-19 student page.

  • Event Dates and Times

    10:30am, Thursday 29 October 2020
    • Faculty of the Professions
      • Adelaide Business School (undergraduate programs)
      • Centre for Global Food and Resources
      • Institute for International Trade
      • School of Economics
    10:30am, Friday 30 October 2020
    • Faculty of the Professions
      • Adelaide Business School (postgraduate programs)
      • Adelaide Law School
    10:30am, Monday 2 November 2020
    • Faculty of Sciences
      • All programs
    10:30am, Tuesday 3 November 2020
    • Faculty of Arts
      • All programs
    10:30am, Wednesday 4 November 2020
    • Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
      • Adelaide Medical School
      • Adelaide Nursing School
      • School of Psychology
      • School of Public Health
    10:30am, Thursday 5 November 2020
    • Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
      • Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences programs
      • Adelaide Dental School
    • Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
      • School of Chemical Engineering and Advanced Materials
      • School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering
      • School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
    10:30am, Friday 6 November 2020
    • Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
      • Australian School of Petroleum and Energy Resources
      • School of Architecture and Built Environment
      • School of Computer Sciences
      • School of Mathematical Sciences
      • School of Mechanical Engineering
  • Schedule on the Day

    Please arrive on campus at least 90 minutes prior to your event commencement time. This will assist our COVID Marshalls in making sure that social distancing is adhered to throughout the collection of Academic Dress and entry into the venues. A schedule of arrival times has been included below, to help you to plan for the day.

    From 8:30am: Academic Dress collection from GFP, located on level 4 of the Hughes Building (formerly the Co-op Bookshop). Upon collection of your Academic Dress, you will receive a graduate ticket that you will need to present to staff for entry into Bonython Hall.

    9.00am – 10.00am: Graduate entry into Bonython Hall. Ensure that you have provided your guests with their guest tickets prior to entering the hall. Upon entry you will be invited to have a professional photograph taken on stage, before you are seated.

    9:30am: Guest entry into the live streaming venues will open. Each graduate has been allocated a particular live stream venue for their guests to attend. Venue information has been sent to your student email address. Please ensure that you check your guest venue and provide this information to your guests in advance.

    10.00am: Graduate entry to Bonython Hall closes and stage photos cease - you must enter Bonython Hall prior to 10:00am if you wish to have a stage photo taken. All graduates must be seated inside Bonython Hall by this time. Shortly after this there will be a graduate briefing inside Bonython Hall.

    10:30am: Event commencement.

    12.30pm: We anticipate that the event will conclude by 12:30pm.

    Upon conclusion, please follow the direction of staff to ensure that social distancing may be adhered to while you exit the hall. Measures will be in place to ensure that you will have opportunities to take photos on campus, while still adhering to social distancing measures. Refer to the venue maps around campus and below for recommended photo locations.

    Studio photography and stage photo purchases will be located in the Eclipse Room on L4 of Union House. This is also where you will need to return your academic dress at the end of the event.

  • Event Proceedings

    The Graduation Celebration Events will be presided by the Chancellor and Interim Vice-Chancellor (or representatives). An oration will be given by a speaker who is highly regarded in their field, and you will also hear a Valedictorian speech from one of your fellow graduates. The names of all September 2020 graduates for your Faculty will be announced so that those watching from home can also celebrate their achievements.

    Please be aware that, due to COVID-19 safety measures, graduates will remain seated for the duration of the event.

    If you or your guest(s) are feeling unwell on the day of your event, please do not come onto campus. If you are unable to attend, we encourage you to watch the live stream of the event from home. The University encourages the use of the COVIDSafe app by all students and staff, remaining respectful of their right to choose. The COVIDSafe app will assist with contact tracing should a confirmed case be identified.

    If you booked a photography package when completing your event registration, this will be available with GFP either before or after your Graduation Celebration Event. Further information about where you will need to go for photos will be provided closed to the event date.

  • Guest Information

    Guests will be seated in live streaming venues around the campus, as there is no guest seating available inside of Bonython Hall. Further information about the live streaming venues will be provided closer to the event.

    As the capacity of our live streaming venues is limited, additional guest tickets will not be available. We encourage you to invite any additional guests to watch the live stream of the event online from home.

    How to Download your Guest Tickets

    All graduates have been issued with two guest tickets to a live streaming venue. A number of lecture theatres will be used as Live Stream venues, and each graduate has been assigned with a particular guest venue.

    All graduates have been emailed with information about which Live Stream venue their guests have been allocated to. If you have not received this, please check both your student email account and the email address that you provided to GFP in your registration. Ensure that you provide your guests with their venue location in advance.

    If you are not sure where to go on the day, find one of our COVID Marshals who will be wearing a bright yellow vest. COVID Marshals will be able to provide directions.

    Each guest will require a unique ticket for entry into their assigned live stream venue. You will need to download and print your tickets so that you can provide these to your guests prior to the Celebration Event.

    To download your guest tickets:

    1. Login to the GFP Online Portal using your student ID number (without the ‘a’)
    2. Click ‘register to attend ceremony’ and then click ‘click to continue
    3. Check that you have ordered Academic Dress. If you have already ordered this, click ‘skip’
    4. Select the number of guest tickets you would like to use (max. 2)
    5. Follow the prompts to complete your order make sure that you enter your student email address in your order confirmation.
    6. Your tickets will sent to the email address you entered in your order. Check your email and print your tickets.
  • Venue Map

    Map to be added shortly. This will be available by Thursday 29 October.

  • Program Booklet

    Each graduate will be provided with a copy of the program in Bonython Hall.

    If you are watching the live stream of the event, or would like to view the event program, you can download an electronic copy here. The program contains the names of all In Absentia September 2020 graduates.

    Program Download


Receiving your testamur

From Monday 28 September, testamurs for all September 2020 graduates will be available for collection from Ask Adelaide, on Level 3 Hub Central. Collection hours are 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Testamurs will then remain at Ask Adelaide for collection until May 2021, at which point they will be moved into archival storage and be available upon request.

If you are feeling unwell, please do not come onto campus. The University encourages the use of the COVIDSafe app by all students and staff, remaining respectful of their right to choose. The COVIDSafe app will assist with contact tracing should a confirmed case be identified.

If you would prefer to have your testamur posted to you, postage payments can be made via the Online Shop. Testamur postage is $15 within Australia (Australia Post) or $60 overseas (DHL Express).

Pay for testamur postage