Official Documents

If you are a graduate of The University of Adelaide, there are a number of official conferral documents available to you.

You can purchase official documents and pay for testamur postage through our online shop. Please use the links below to view the product details, ensuring you review the information carefully, and proceed to the online shop to complete your order.


'Testamur' is the word the University uses for your certificate, a legal document that is made available after your degree has been conferred and you have applied for a presentation event. Your testamur is an official document which provides evidence that you have a University qualification. When you are conferred in your program, it is necessary to select a presentation event (i.e. a graduation ceremony or In Absentia) to receive your testamur.

Signatories: The signatures of the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor appear on the testamur.

If you attend a graduation ceremony, you will be presented with your testamur on stage during the ceremony. If you apply to receive your testamur In Absentia, it will be printed and available to be collected or posted approximately two weeks after the conclusion of the ceremonies. If you choose to collect your testamur from Ask Adelaide (or if you do not pay for postage), your testamur will be remain at Ask Adelaide for 12 months. If your testamur remains uncollected after this time, it will be moved to archival storage, where it will be stored for seven years before being securely destroyed.

If you have not yet received your testamur, or if you need to order a replacement or re-issue testamur in a new name, please click on the button below.

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An AHEGS is a graduation statement that provides a description of your award, the awarding institution, a list of your academic achievements relevant to the degree and details of the Australian Higher Education System. It can provide potential employers and other institutions with a greater understanding of your achievements.

Graduates who are conferred from Semester 1, 2017 onwards receive a free digital copy of their AHEGS shortly after conferral is processed.

Signatory: The signature of the Vice-Chancellor appears on the AHEGS.

For more information, or to order a hard copy AHEGS, please click the link below.



Your official academic transcript contains a complete record of all your academic study undertaken at the University of Adelaide or Roseworthy Agricultural College or the South Australian College of Advanced Education (SACAE – Kintore Avenue). 

Signatory: The signature of the Vice-Chancellor appears on the transcript.

For further information or to order a copy of your Official Academic Transcript, please contact Ask Adelaide.

Transcript Information

Digital documents

From Semester 1 2017 conferral onwards, official digital documents are available in digital format! Find more information by following the link below.

Official Digital Documents