Conferral and Ceremony Dates

When you complete your studies at the University of Adelaide you need to apply for the conferral of your award and select a presentation event, either in person or in absentia. Both applications are actioned in your Access Adelaide account.

Conferral Dates

There are currently four conferral rounds each year:

Presentation Events

You have two options for receiving your testamur:

  1. Attend a graduation ceremony that is scheduled within 12 months of your conferral date - you have the choice of either the next April/May or the next September ceremony round (please note that ceremony attendance is no longer available once 12 months have passed since your conferral date).
  2. Receive your testamur in the next available In Absentia round.

It is your responsibility to select a presentation event in your Access Adelaide account, to receive your testamur. Strict deadlines apply.

Graduation Ceremonies and In Absentia

There are currently two rounds of graduation ceremonies held at the University of Adelaide's North Terrace campus each year. Each of these are immediately followed by an In Absentia round for graduates who choose not to attend a ceremony.

Click here for information about how to apply for conferral and presentation event