What to Expect on the Day

If you are a graduate

Please refer to the information under step 5 on the I want to attend a ceremony page.

If you are a guest

Guest entry to Bonython Hall opens approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony, and closes 5 minutes before the ceremony is due to begin. No guests are permitted to enter after the ceremony begins, so it is important that you arrive on time.

If you are travelling to the campus with your graduate, please be aware that graduates are recommended to arrive on campus 90 minutes prior to the ceremony.

You will require a guest ticket for entry into Bonython Hall. Make sure that you have received your ticket from the graduate in advance, as graduates enter Bonython Hall much earlier than guests. Your ticket will be scanned as you enter the Hall.

Guest seating within Bonython Hall is not allocated, and as most ceremonies are at capacity you are not permitted to save seats for guests who are running late.

The ceremony will run for approximately 75 minutes. Once the ceremony starts you will not be able to leave until the end (except in cases of emergency).

Accessible seating is available in Bonython Hall for guests who are in a wheelchair, or unable to sit in ordinary pew seating. Please see wheelchair and accessible seating information for further details.