Master of Business Administration (International)

Mark yourself as a leader

Do you aspire to leadership roles within your chosen industry? Our Master of Business Administration (International) can give you a significant career edge at the earliest possible opportunity, together with deep knowledge in one of five areas of specialisation: Entrepreneurship; International Trade and Development; Wine Business; Project Management or Marketing. Our MBA is ranked #1 in South Australia for career impact*.

What will you do?

Studied over two years full-time, the Master of Business Administration (International) is available for entry immediately upon successful completion of any bachelor degree. It equips you with:

  • deep understanding of your chosen area of specialisation
  • highly advanced strategic thinking, problem-solving, analytical, critical thinking and self-reflection skills
  • a firm grasp of the principles of adaptive leadership, systems thinking, organisational behaviour, change management and social enterprise
  • outstanding management capabilities in critical business functions, including finance, accounting, economics and marketing
  • extensive professional networks, including through industry mentors.

You'll also develop valuable research skills, and have the opportunity to undertake exchanges at world-leading international business schools (travel restrictions permitting).

Where could it take you?

Our Master of Business Administration (International) will give you a head start towards all kinds of senior leadership roles within your chosen industry. You could head a specialist product development team, progress to leading innovation in a national division, and in time drive companies' visions as a CEO. Perhaps you'll take your destiny entirely in your own hands and launch a business.

Note: intakes occur throughout the year in January, May and September, with summer school options in January. 

  • AACSB accredited
  • #1 in South Australia for career impact^
  • Strong links to industry leaders

^AFR, BOSS Best Business School rankings, Career Impact, 2022

Entry Requirements

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Before applying make sure you understand the eligibility and entry requirements for your chosen degree.

Look out for any prerequisites or assumed knowledge subjects. Some degrees also have additional entry requirements like interviews and auditions.

Domestic applicants

SATAC Code 3CM270
Deferment Yes - 2 year

January, May and September

Selection Criteria
Graduate entry

Higher Education Study

A completed Bachelors degree or equivalent, with a GPA of 4.5 or higher.

Fees and Scholarships

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Domestic applicants

Indicative annual tuition fees
Australian Full-fee place: $39,000

Where the standard duration of the program is less than one year the full cost of the program is displayed.

This is an Australian full-fee program. As a domestic student you may be eligible to:

  • receive a zero interest government assistance package to cover your course fees and
  • use over $100,000 in HELP assistance over your lifetime
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These scholarships, as well as many others funded by industry and non-profit organisations, are available to potential and currently enrolled students.

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Potential careers

Graduates of this program have gone on to roles such as:

Management Analyst;  Manager / Business Management;  Marketer / Marketing Manager;  Business Consultant;  Business Development Manager;  Business Management;  Business Manager;  Business Representative;  CEO

Degree Structure

The Master of Business Administration (International) is a comprehensive degree that explores the core areas of business activity from finance and marketing through to strategy formulation and decision-making. The program also introduces students to the theories of complex systems, organisational behaviour and leadership styles. Rigour and relevance are carefully balanced through the application of theory to authentic work place scenarios. Upon graduation students will have developed a sound understanding of business management practices, organisational cultures and their own leadership style.

The Master of Business Administration (International) is an AQF Level 9 qualification with a standard full-time duration of 2 years

Example Study Plan

To qualify for the Master of Business Administration (International) the student must complete satisfactorily a program of study consisting of the following requirements with a combined total of not less than 48 units, comprising:

  • Core courses to the value of 27 units, or core courses to the value of 24 units if completing a specialisation in Wine Business
  • A specialisation up to the value of 18 units, or the Wine Business specialisation up to the value of 21 units
  • Research courses to the value of 3 units

Core courses
Courses to the value of up to 27 units may be taken from the following: 

ACCTING 7025  Accounting Essentials for Decision Makers 3 units
CORPFIN 7005 Principles of Finance 3 units
COMMGMT 7006 People and Organisations 3 units
COMMLAW 7012 Business and Corporation Law 3 units
COMMGMT 7027 Strategic Management 3 units
COMMERCE 7039 Business Research Methods 3 units
ECON 7200  Economic Principles 3 units
MARKETNG 7104 Marketing Management  3 units
PROJMGNT 7038  Project Leadership and Communication 3 units

ENTREP 7900 eChallenge   3 units

Choose from Entrepreneurship, International Trade & Development, Marketing, Project Management, and Wine Business.

All of the following courses must be completed:
    • ENTREP 5036 Entrepreneurial Concepts and Mindset  
    • ENTREP 5038 New Venture Capital  
    • ENTREP 7002 Strategic Innovation Management  
    • ENTREP 7019 Social Entrepreneurship  
    • ENTREP 7020 Design Thinking  
    • ENTREP 7022 Creativity and Innovation  

All of the following courses must be completed:
    • TRADE 5000 International Trade: Negotiations & Agreements  
    • TRADE 5001 International Trade: Strategies & Opportunities  
    • TRADE 7004 Principles of International Trade & Development 
    • TRADE 7005 Agriculture and Food in International Trade  
    • TRADE 7008 Services Trade  

AND courses to the value of 3 units from the following:
    • TRADE 7007 MNCs, Trade & Sustainable Development
    • TRADE 7009 International Aid and Trade
    • TRADE 7012 Trade Statistics 

All of the following courses must be completed:
    • MARKETNG 7023 Understanding Consumers
    • MARKETNG 7024 Developing Global Markets
    • MARKETNG 7025 Digital Media and Marketing Communications
    • MARKETNG 7032 Strategic Brand Management
    • ENTREP 5038 New Venture Capital
    • ENTREP 7022 Creativity and Innovation

All of the following courses must be completed:
    • PROJMGNT 5004 Risk Assessment and Management
    • PROJMGNT 5021 Project Management Fundamentals
    • PROJMGNT 7040 Portfolios and Programs Management
    • PROJMGNT 7047 Systems Design for Projects
    • PROJMGNT 7056 Enterprise Transformation and Innovation 
AND courses to the value of 3 units from the following:
    • PROJMGNT 7024 Complex Project Management
    • PROJMGNT 7057 Project Controls Methods

All of the following courses must be completed:
    • OENOLOGY 7000NW Foundations of Wine Science
    • WINE 7001 Marketing in Wine Business
    • WINE 7002 Growing Domestic and International Wine Markets
    • WINE 7005 Direct Wine Marketing and Cellar Door Management 
    • WINE 7006 Wine Retailing
    • WINE 7008 Wine Tourism
    • WINE 7009 Wine Branding


The University of Adelaide is committed to regular reviews of the courses and programs it offers to students. The University of Adelaide therefore reserves the right to discontinue or vary programs and courses without notice. Please read the important information contained in the disclaimer.

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