Allied Health

Empower individuals by enhancing their ability to move freely, communicate clearly, and engage more fully in life.

Exceptional interprofessional learning

As a student of one of the allied health disciplines at Adelaide - physiotherapy, speech pathology or occupational therapy - you'll gain next-level holistic health understanding through collaborative interprofessional learning.

You'll study alongside students from all allied health disciplines, and mix with peers from our broad range of health degrees.

Outstanding facilities and real-world experience

You'll perfect your clinical skills in premium facilities that accurately reflect the sorts of real-world environments in which you'll work. These include:

  • Adelaide Health Simulation, Australasia's most advanced simulation learning facility
  • a hospital-like space equipped with multiple height-adjustable treatment tables and beds
  • a fully equipped rehabilitation gym.

Learning from registered, practising professionals, you'll also spend between 750 - 1000 hours honing your skills in a wide variety of real health care settings, equipping you for careers in a broad range of areas.

Career prospects

Physiotherapists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists are all well paid and in demand, with growth predicted in each field*, especially in rural and remote areas^.

  • Strong industry growth*
  • 750 - 1000 hours' work-based training
  • Broad range of clinical placements

* Occupation projections - five years to May 2024

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My favourite experience so far has been using the Adelaide Health Simulation (AHS) and interacting with actors in a clinical setting to practise our communication skills and experience what clinical consultations are like