Defence, Cyber and Space

Work in the defence, cyber and space industries offers a highly rewarding blend of challenge, discovery and purpose.

An incredibly industry-connected environment

The University of Adelaide provides one of the most stimulating environments in the world for study related to the defence, cyber or space industries. Our main city campus stands literally next door to Lot Fourteen, Adelaide's thriving innovation and technology precinct, which includes:

  • our University's own world-leading Australian Institute of Machine Learning (AIML), the largest machine learning research centre in Australia
  • the Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre (A3C), in which we collaborate with the Australian Government's Defence Science and Technology group and others
  • the Australian Space Agency, Space Discovery Centre, and Mission Control Centre.

Other organisations with a Lot Fourteen presence include Microsoft Azure Space, Amazon, Inovor Technology, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) bigdata Living Lab - all of whom our AIML partners with in ongoing real-world research.

Huge range of degrees to choose from

Making the most of this remarkable environment, we offer 15 different degrees that can start you on your path in the defence, cyber or space industries. These range from data analytics, computer science and information technology programs, to engineering, space science and astrophysics, and mathematical sciences. We also offer South Australia's only specialist aerospace engineering degree. And whatever direction you choose, you'll have multiple opportunities to gain practical experience through workplace projects and internships.

Career prospects

Employment growth for the majority of defence, cyber and space roles range broadly from stable to very strong**.

  • Ranked #26 globally for Computer Vision*
  • Ranked #32 globally for Automation and Control^
  • Australian Space Agency to generate 20,000 jobs by 2030

*CS Rankings, 2022
^Academic Ranking of World Universities by Subject, 2022
Australian Space Agency, 2021

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Astrophysics is awesome! I have wanted to do this since I was a kid, and the space science and astrophysics degree opened up many opportunities. I was able to work on IceCube for my PhD, make a trip to the South Pole , and now, get to continue this research at the University of California, Berkeley.