Energy, Mining and Resources

These critical sectors underpin all areas of society - from powering our cities and vehicles, to the smartphones in our pockets.

  • Australia's only university teaching mine automation

    Through our Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources, the University of Adelaide has led Australia in the development of fully integrated, AI-driven resource value chains. We're helping many energy, mining and resources companies incorporate or enhance self-learning extraction-and-processing control systems to extract greater value from increasingly complex resources - faster, safer and at lower cost. And we can pass that knowledge on to you. Our recent industry experience includes collaborating with:

    • BHP, OZ Minerals and others on mining and processing control platforms
    • Boart Longyear, a global drilling giant, to allow generation of geological information in close to real time, directly at the drill site
    • Orica, an Australia-based multinational commercial explosives and blasting systems specialist, to apply digitally integrated AI to their blast models.
  • Full-spectrum energy expertise

    We also have significant, proven expertise in all areas of the energy sector, with experience advising on - and leading - projects relating to:

    • optimal power system and resources planning, modelling and operation
    • renewable energy generation and hybrid systems
    • energy storage, including advanced batteries and underground hydrogen
    • critical minerals, advanced energy materials and catalysts
    • microgrids and electric vehicles infrastructure.

    We're highly capable in the areas of environmental sustainability and social licence. And again, we can pass on all this knowledge to you.

  • Career prospects

    Employment growth for the majority of energy, mining and resources roles range broadly from moderate to very strong, with the industry projected to grow by up to 5.9% by 2026.

Make History in Energy, Mining and Resources

Help support society to come up more sustainable solutions to resource challenges, just like Coco.

  • Ranked #15 globally for Mineral and Mining Engineering*
  • Steady employment growth predicted (up 5.9% by 2026)
  • Ranked top 100 globally for Energy Science and Engineering*

* Academic Ranking of World Universities by Subject, 2023.
^QS World University Rankings by Subject, 2023.
Australian Government, Labour Market Insights, 2023.

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