From the rollout of telehealth services, remote learning and work to the rise of industrial automation and e-commerce—industries the world over are looking to technology, computer science, IT and data specialists to help them reimagine nearly every facet of their operations.

Whether you see yourself developing software that pushes the limits of human endeavour in fields as varied as disease treatment, weather prediction, cybersecurity or space exploration, harnessing critical insights from large datasets to shape public health policy or business practices, or testing and maintaining engineered products, processes, systems and services—we can help get you there.

 Located right in the heart of South Australia’s innovation and technology precinct, the University of Adelaide is home to a thriving and industry-connected STEM community that provides the perfect launchpad for your future tech career.

  • Up to 760 hours of work-based training in industry
  • Co-designed and developed with industry partners
  • Specialise in high-growth areas such as AI, Data Science and Cyber Security
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I chose to study the Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced) at the University of Adelaide because from a very young age, I’ve always been passionate about computer science. The idea of being able to make a change and innovate using technology made me select this discipline. I chose the University of Adelaide because of its high rank in the field of computer science (currently 43rd in the world), its reputable name and its world-class research. This inspired confidence in me as I believe the university provides the ideal environment for me to mould myself through gaining invaluable knowledge from its many well-qualified and proficient teaching staff