School of Biological Sciences -- H

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TelephoneFamily nameGiven namePositionEmail
+61 8 8161 7375 Haan Eric Head Dept of Geneticist Medicine [email]
+61 8 8313 6807 Hill Robert none registered [email]
+61 8 8313 5470 Haller Leanne School Business Manager [email]
+61 8 8313 5362 Hao Andrew Grant-Funded Researcher (B) [email]
none registered Hart David Lecturer [email]
+61 8 8313 2346 Hay Gregory none registered [email]
+61 8 8313 3698 Heiniger Holly Lab Coordinator and Technical Officer [email]
none registered Helms Madison M. Phil [email]
+61 8 8313 0051 Hill Kathryn Research Associate [email]
+61 8 8313 3990 Hu Qiaohui Research Assistant [email]
+61 8 8313 8242 Huber Christian ARC DECRA Fellow [email]
+61 8 8313 5710 Hunter Adrian Associate Lecturer [email]
none registered Hutchinson Mark Senior Lecturer [email]
none registered Handsley-Davis Matilda PhD Candidate [email]
none registered Hang Thi Nguyen PhD Candidate - Master of Philosophy [email]
none registered Hansman David PhD Candidate [email]
+61 8 8313 8241 Harrison Sophie PhD Candidate [email]
none registered Hedges Brock PhD Candidate [email]
+61 8 8313 2546 Hill Katherine PhD Candidate [email]
none registered Hodgson Jarrod PhD Candidate [email]
none registered Hua Qian Hui Qiaz PhD Candidate [email]

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