School of Biological Sciences -- M

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TelephoneFamily nameGiven namePositionEmail
+61 8 8313 5352 Molecular Life Sciences Enquiries none registered none registered
+61 8 8313 4362 Molecular & Biomedical Sci Fax none registered none registered
+61 8 8313 4259 McColl Shaun Deputy Head for Molecular & Biomedical Scienc [email]
none registered Malik Arif Grant-Funded Researcher [email]
+61 8 8313 8367 Martín-Forés Irene Grant-Funded Researcher (A) [email]
+61 4 2099 5406 McAfee Dominic ARC Grant-Funded Researcher B [email]
+61 8 8313 8110 Meyer Wayne Professor Natural Resources Science [email]
+61 8 8313 4151 Morona Renato Associate Professor [email]
none registered Moseby Katherine Associate Lecturer [email]
none registered Mott Rowan Grant Funded Researcher (A) [email]
+61 8 8313 5281 Maciunas Elizabeth PhD Candidate [email]
none registered Mackie Quinn PhD Candidate [email]
none registered Maher Jacob Research Assistant [email]
none registered Markey Anthony PhD Candidate [email]
+61 8 8313 1484 Mazloumi Nastaran PhD Candidate none registered
+61 8 8313 7140 McCallum Kimberly Scientific Project Officer [email]
none registered McConnell Joseph PhD Candidate [email]
none registered McLean Kimberley Lecturer [email]
none registered McLeod Lachlan PhD Candidate [email]
none registered Meemanage Cebreco Ranjith PhD Candidate [email]
+61 8 8313 3577 Mellin Camille ARC Externally-Funded Research Fellow (B) [email]
+61 8 8313 7140 Merigot Hayley PhD Student [email]
none registered Mitchell Angus PhD Candidate [email]
+61 8 8313 5565 Mitchell Kieren ARC Postdoctoral Research Associate [email]
+61 8 8313 8241 Muirhead Kate ARC Research Associate [email]
+61 8 8831 8376 Munroe Samantha Grant-Funded Researcher (A) [email]

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