Professor Rachel Burton

Professor Rachel Burton
 Position Head - Department of Plant Science
 Org Unit School of Agriculture, Food and Wine
 Telephone +61 8 8313 1057
 Location Floor/Room 4 28 ,  Wine Innovation Central ,   Waite
  • Research Interests

    My expertise is in the areas of plant molecular biology and plant functional genomics, particularly as it relates to cell wall biosynthesis, re-modeling and degradation and the impact these biological processes have on end use quality of cereals and biomass. Research in this area is mainly focused on barley as we have access to an excellent genetic transformation system and extensive genetic resources but we are now developing resources in other cereals and Plantago species. The gene families I have a particular interest in include the cellulose synthases, the mixed link beta-glucan synthases and the xylan synthases.  Cellulose content is likely to have an impact on plant strength and is of central importance in the use of plants as a feedstock for biofuel production, whilst mixed-link glucans and arabinoxylans have major human health benefits and also crucially impact digestibility of animal feed and steps in brewing and baking processes. I also have an interest in the development and application of novel experimental methods for transcript profiling and gene discovery in plants.

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