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11 April, 2017

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Research Tuesdays Forum: Defeating Superbugs

Date/Time: Tuesday, 11 April 2017, 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm

Location: The Braggs lecture theatre, North Terrace campus

Cost: Free event - all welcome. Registrations essential

More information: Visit website

Seventy years after the advent of life-saving antibiotics, bacterial infectious diseases are dangerously close to regaining the upper hand.

So-called 'superbugs'--highly pathogenic bacteria causing common infections that are highly resistant to multiple classes of antibiotics--are taking a terrible toll all over the world.

Naturally, University of Adelaide researchers are working to reverse the trend; and in this important presentation you'll hear their latest findings regarding:

  • current antibiotic use and resistance in humans in Australia, and subsequent research priorities

  • antibiotic use and resistance in Australia's livestock, companion animals and wildlife, and how comparatively low rates of resistance here can advantage our primary producers

  • the mechanisms with which superbugs cause disease, and how this knowledge can guide novel vaccines and therapeutic strategies.

Don't miss this opportunity to inform yourself on one of the most critical global health issues of our time.

The presenters

Adjunct Professor John Turnidge
Professor Darren Trott
Professor James Paton

Contact: Mrs Maria Mesa, Email:, Events and Sponsorships Coordinator, Business: 08 8313 6381