Taking the fear out of career

Tuesday, 30 November 1999

Job security and the ability to switch smoothly between jobs used to be a fact of life for many Australians. Today the idea of the life-long career is all but over, and job insecurity is the harsh reality.

But does it need to be that way?

Not according to Helen Alm, Manager of Professional Development at Adelaide University, who's running a self-help course over summer to give people the skills they need to tackle the workforce and their careers with confidence, not fear.

The course, "Plan Your Career", is part of Adelaide University's Summer School for the Year 2000.

"For many workers the world can be a frightening place. There's constant change, constant demands are placed upon us, and security no longer exists in the workplace," Ms Alm says.

"But people can turn that around. Instead of being frightened they can become excited about the possibilities.

"Understanding your own values is the key to planning your career. This course will teach people how to unlock those values through self assessment, analysis of their skills, learning how to invest in themselves and daring to dream.

"These are all important steps in the process of finding the job and following the career path you want," she says.

Ms Alm says the "Plan Your Career" course would be ideal for people aged 25-55, who are looking for answers to some of the important questions about their careers.

"For the older age groups, today's uncertainty in the workplace can seem even more difficult at times, especially since job security was relatively taken for granted when they began their careers. Middle-aged workers can learn just as much, if not more, than those who are only now starting to get their careers up and running," she says.

The Summer School, run by the University's Centre for Professional & Continuing Education, provides a range of courses over the summer break (from January to March) to the people of Adelaide. Half-day, full-day or even 10-week courses are available.

Many of these courses cover areas of personal and professional development, such as planning careers, preparing for interviews and critical thinking. Others, such as the language courses on offer, open a up a world of possibilities for people wishing to travel, work or study abroad.

"The Summer School is an excellent way of gaining new skills and learning how to maximise the ones you already have," Ms Alm says.


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