Future uncertain? Got the pre-millennium blues?

Tuesday, 14 December 1999

As the year draws to a close, many people are asking themselves the same questions: where to for me... what now?

"So many people are looking for a new direction in life," according to Helen Alm, Manager of Professional Development at Adelaide University.

Ms Alm is running a course over summer called "Where To For Me, What Now?-Life Planning Strategies". The one-day course is part of Adelaide University's Summer School for the Year 2000.

"Regardless of age, stage of life or circumstances, this workshop will assist people in exploring what they want out of life, and give them some direction as to how they can achieve it," Ms Alm says.

"An important part of planning your life is the ability to gain clarity about your values, talents, strengths, and understanding what is meaningful to you.

"The course will also explore potential barriers to achieving your goals."

Ms Alm says a range of approaches will be dealt with in the course, dealing with both western and eastern thinking.

She says it's clear that not everyone is happy with their lives, which may or may not be a result of the rapidly approaching millennium.

"We all go through difficult times, whether it's dissatisfaction at work, or relationships, or just life in general. But people should know that they can start to think about their lives differently and take action to make positive changes," she says.

The Summer School, run by the University's Centre for Professional & Continuing Education, provides a range of courses over the summer break (from January to March) to the people of Adelaide.

Many of these courses cover areas of personal and professional development, such as planning careers, preparing for interviews and critical thinking. Others, such as the language courses on offer, open a up a world of possibilities for people wishing to travel, work or study abroad.

Enrolment is open now, with enrolment for language courses closing on December 24. For more information about the Summer School program call 8303 4777 during business hours.


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