Adelaide Uni wins $350,000 Federal grant

Thursday, 16 March 2000

ADELAIDE University has won a Federal Government grant of more than $350,000 for the further development of its Cognition and Applied Decision Making program, in association with the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO).

Minister for Education, Training and Youth Affairs, Dr David Kemp, announced the funding of $351,198 over three years on Wednesday as part of the Federal Government's $25 million Science Lectureships Initiative.

The funding will be used to enhance teaching and research into how people can interact successfully with technology. The interaction between humans and technology is one of the concerns of psychologists working in the area of Cognition and Applied Decision Making. This program will focus particularly on how people process partial and possibly unreliable information and make decisions under pressures of time and cost.

University Vice-Chancellor, Professor Mary O'Kane, welcomed the funding announcement, saying it would enable the University's Department of Psychology to employ two extra staff for its Cognition and Applied Decision Making program.

"We will now be able to appoint a Senior Lecturer in Cognition and Applied Decision Making, and also a Programming Officer who will be responsible for the preparation of CD-ROM, personal computer and web-based teaching materials and programs," she said.

"This project will meet a growing need for graduates with training and expertise in Cognition and Applied Decision Making within the commercial, industrial, legal and medical communities generally, and in particular within the DSTO.

"I'm very appreciative of the collaboration between Adelaide University and the DSTO, which is exemplified by this project. It is another example of the university's commitment to establishing and maintaining strong links with corporate, industry and government bodies.

"Particular mention must also be made of Associate Professor of Psychology, Dr Doug Vickers, who has worked extremely hard to bring this project to fruition."


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