Student services continue at University of Adelaide

Monday, 5 June 2006

The University of Adelaide and the Adelaide University Union (AUU) are working together closely to ensure student activities and services are maintained once Voluntary Student Unionism legislation takes effect in July.

Vice-Chancellor Professor James McWha said: "The University of Adelaide is rated very highly for its vibrant campus culture and provision of services to students. This has been achieved over the years through partnership between the University and the AUU, and the two organisations are committed to a continuing constructive relationship for the benefit of students."

AUU President Mr Josh Rayner said: "I wish to assure students that the Union, regardless of the legislative changes will, together with the University, ensure the ongoing provision of valued and accessible services and opportunities that are responsive to the needs of students. Each of the services and functions of the Union enriches the quality of the University experience."

The AUU has restructured its organisation and planned financially for VSU and will not be requiring University financial support for the remainder of 2006.

From 2007 onwards, the University will be supporting the AUU to ensure core student services such as educational and welfare services continue.

"The AUU runs the University food outlets and UniBar at a profit and this will undoubtedly continue under VSU," said Mr Rayner.

"The University has been very impressed with the preparation undertaken for VSU by the AUU. This has put them in a good position going forward. It is hoped many students will join the AUU and enjoy the many services and discounts that will continue to be offered to students," said Professor McWha.


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