New book outlines the challenge for mankind

Wednesday, 19 July 2006

A new book by the University of Adelaide's Professor Stephen Lincoln that outlines the challenges facing mankind this century will be given an Australian launch this evening by Environment and Conservation Minister Gail Gago.

'Challenged Earth: An Overview of Humanity's Stewardship of Earth' provides a scientifically based and comprehensive insight into the challenges facing humanity and Earth in the 21st century.

"This book looks at the state of Earth at the beginning of the 21st century and outlines what the century is likely to bring and the challenges humanity will face," Professor Lincoln says. "It discusses population change to the end of century and what that will mean in energy demands and climate change."

Stephen Lincoln is a Professor of Chemistry in the University of Adelaide's School of Chemistry and Physics, where he teaches environmental chemistry. He was commissioned to write a book about energy use and climate change but soon realised he needed to cover a much wider area.

"When I first started to look into the wider picture of energy use and climate change, I quickly realised I had to look at population growth and water and food supply. That led me to also look at what humans are doing to Earth," says Professor Lincoln.

Professor Lincoln will also present some of his findings in a keynote speech to the International Symposium on Sustainable Development in Sapporo, Japan, in August.

'Challenged Earth' is suitable for general readers as well as students and environmental professionals. It has been published by Imperial College Press and is available through many web-based and mail order book shops.


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