Uni marketing campaign makes impact on awards

Retrieval nurse Tara McCracken is one of the graduates featured in the University of Adelaide's award-winning <a href='http://www.adelaide.edu.au/lifeimpact/'>Life Impact</a> campaign.
<b>Photo by Mark Spaven</b>

Retrieval nurse Tara McCracken is one of the graduates featured in the University of Adelaide's award-winning Life Impact campaign.
Photo by Mark Spaven

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Tuesday, 19 September 2006

The University of Adelaide has dominated this year's awards for marketing excellence in South Australia.

The University has won three out of the six State awards run by the Australian Marketing Institute (AMI), and was recognised in the categories of Corporate Social Responsibility, Education, and Social Marketing.

The University's highly successful Life Impact campaign and the marketing for its Open Day in 2005 attracted the awards.

In the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, the University was awarded for using its Life Impact brand marketing campaign to raise the awareness of and participation in higher education in South Australia. In the Social Marketing category, the University was recognised for turning the annual Open Day into a community event with real cultural and social impact, rather than just an event focused on attracting more students.

"The University of Adelaide has achieved outstanding results with its marketing campaigns, which have used the stories of students and graduates of the University to engage with the community and, in turn, encourage the community to engage with the University," says AMI State President Adrian Earl.

Vice-Chancellor Professor James McWha says the awards are further proof that the University of Adelaide is making an impact in the community.

"I'm especially pleased at the results for Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Marketing. I have said before that the aim of our marketing is not just to increase the student population at the University of Adelaide but to achieve a long-term gain for the State, and this aim has now been recognised with an award," he says.

"The award for our Open Day shows just how important such events are. Open Day provides our University with yet another opportunity to be recognised as a key cultural icon in South Australia, not just an education facility."


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