University reviews medical program

Tuesday, 26 September 2006

A review of the University of Adelaide's medical program has recommended a number of changes to the admission process for prospective students and more focus on basic science subjects in the curriculum.

From 2007, those applying to study medicine at the University of Adelaide will be judged equally on their TER score and interview (40% each), with a 20% weighting given to the University Medical Admissions Test (UMAT).

Medical students in the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) program can expect a stronger emphasis on basic science subjects and rural students will be given more incentives to study medicine via bonus points and scholarships.

The Executive Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Professor Justin Beilby, said it was time to review the existing medical curriculum, which had been in place for six years.

"The current MBBS program is a sound, high quality course that is co-ordinated by skilled academics and supported by enthusiastic and committed clinical titleholders. But with the first cohort of students now graduating, it is timely to review the curriculum and selection process."

The changes are a result of widespread consultation among academics, senior managers, students, the medical fraternity and external stakeholders.

Concerns about sufficient clinical teaching resources for medical students will require more University resources being identified and ongoing and proactive discussions with the State Government, Professor Beilby said. These discussions have already begun.

In July, the University of Adelaide applauded the Federal Government's decision to allocate its medical program an additional 40 places in 2007. "While the extra places are welcome and needed, they will put added burden on the State's clinical teaching resources, which are already overstretched."

"This is a critical issue facing the University and the State and we will need the support of the South Australian Department of Health to ensure we have sufficient clinical teaching resources to support the program," Professor Beilby said.


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