Take heart, here's some good news

Tuesday, 31 October 2006

The University of Adelaide and its partners have been awarded $736,067 by the National Heart Foundation of Australia to undertake cardiovascular research projects over the next two years.

Seven South Australian projects have been given the green light by the Heart Foundation's Grants-In-Aid program, which this year awarded more than $2.4 million to 41 groups across Australia.

"This a fantastic result when compared with the rest of the country," said the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Alan Johnson.

"The Heart Foundation receives in excess of 200 applications every year for Grants-In-Aid and to achieve this level of funding is exceptional."

The University of Adelaide's Professor of Cardiology, Prash Sanders, submitted one of the nation's highest ranked applications for research into the role of the coronary sinus in heart rhythm disorders, affecting 2% of the population and causing strokes, blackouts and heart failure. Professor Sanders also holds the prestigious Knapman Chair of Cardiology, which is funded by the Heart Foundation.

Other successful projects to be awarded to the University of Adelaide and its co-investigators include:

  • Professor Jennifer Gamble (Hanson Institute, IMVS) for research into blood vessel leakiness;
  • Assoc. Professor Charles Hii (The Children, Youth and Women's Health Service) for research into the role that fish oil plays in protecting against heart disease;
  • Dr Vivienne Moore (University of Adelaide), who will study how the diet of pregnant women affects their children's blood pressure in later life;
  • Dr Peter Meikle (The Children, Youth and Women's Health Service) for research into early detection of heart disease;
  • Professor John Horowitz (University of Adelaide, Queen Elizabeth Hospital), who will study the anti-inflammatory effects of new treatments for heart failure.

The funding result represents a 44% success rate for the University of Adelaide, compared with the national success rate of 23% for the Grants-In-Aid program.

"This is the most successful outcome for the University in the last six years," Professor Johnson said. "It is more than double the amount we received last year and demonstrates the reputation and extremely high standard of our research."


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