Integrated alumni model adopted

Friday, 8 December 2006

The University of Adelaide has made an important decision about how it handles alumni relations that will have a positive impact on the alumni and the University.

The University's Council has decided that a new model of alumni relations will be adopted - one that integrates alumni activities directly with the University.

Earlier this year, the Council had engaged an independent review of alumni arrangements through consultants PhilipsKPA, who consulted with a broad cross-section of stakeholders in the alumni community.

At its meeting on 4 December, Council resolved: To agree that the University Council integrate the current objectives and activities of the Alumni Association into the formal structure and operations of the University and dissolve the Alumni Association.

"The University of Adelaide's alumni are a key part of our University community and are vital to this University being able to achieve its strategic goals," Vice-Chancellor and President Professor James McWha said.

"The Alumni Association was established by Council in 1985 to help the University engage with its alumni in a structured manner. The excellent efforts of the Association over the past 21 years have contributed enormously to the fabric of our University community and have now led the University to consider how we can advance our alumni relations for the future."

Council's decision was supported by the Alumni Association Board at its final meeting on Tuesday 5 December. The members of the Board have been asked to carry on as an interim advisory committee until new arrangements can be implemented.

"I will also put in place an implementation plan to address a number of key issues that arise because of this change," Professor McWha said.

"As a strong supporter of our many alumni relationships and stakeholders, I am very pleased that Council has made this decision. It is an important step forward for our University.

"This will result in a more integrated approach to alumni relations, with individual alumni chapters now able to interact directly with the University, through the Development and Alumni Office. In return, the University can now provide more direct support and input into alumni relations and activities."

Professor McWha thanked the previous Chairs of the Alumni Association, Dr Harry Medlin, the Hon. Greg Crafter, and Mr Michael Llewellyn-Smith, for their great contributions in that role, as well as past members of the Alumni Board and former Trustees.

"What they have achieved over the years has enabled the University to build strong ties with our alumni across many disciplines. We now have the opportunity to build on those strengths," he said.

"With stronger support and more direct communication, our alumni chapters will become even more integrated into the life and fabric of our University. They will have a vital role to play in helping to shape our future as a University community."


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