Uni appoints Student Ambassadors

Student ambassadors (from left) Stacey Robinson, Mark Powell and Alice Kelly

Student ambassadors (from left) Stacey Robinson, Mark Powell and Alice Kelly
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Friday, 13 August 2004

Eighteen students from the University of Adelaide have been appointed Student Ambassadors to build stronger relations with South Australian schools and to assist in major events, such as Open Day (this Sunday, August 15).

This is the first time in 130 years that the University of Adelaide has appointed Student Ambassadors. The scheme is aimed at responding to the needs of potential students, who often have important questions about the variety of study options, support services, and how to adjust to university life.

"The Student Ambassadors are based on the simple notion that our students are the best ambassadors for our university, because they understand better than anyone what it's like to be a student here," says the Director of Student Information and Services at the University of Adelaide, Mrs Elizabeth Geddes.

"Each of our Ambassadors has been chosen because they are not only bright and talented, but they also have the ability and desire to communicate with potential students. They want to help new students, to make the transition to university that much easier for them."

The official duties of the Ambassadors include providing advice to new and potential students at the university's Student Centre, attending education and careers fairs, visiting schools, and providing assistance to members of the community - including potential students, their friends and families - at the university's Open Day this Sunday.

"Open Day will be the first time that all of our 18 new Student Ambassadors will be on duty, and we expect that they will bring a level of professionalism, friendliness and helpfulness to anyone they meet on campus," Mrs Geddes says.

"The University of Adelaide is all about making an impact on the lives of our students. What we are seeing with our Ambassadors is a willingness among current students to engage with their new colleagues."

The new Student Ambassadors can be seen in action at the University of Adelaide's
Open Day
this Sunday, August 15 - from 10am until 4pm.


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