Full-fee places from next year at University of Adelaide

Tuesday, 12 August 1997

A small number of full-fee places will be offered in a range of high-demand professional courses at the University of Adelaide next year.

The places will be offered in the 1998 intake into the Bachelor degrees of Architecture, Commerce, Computer Science, Dentistry, Design Studies, Engineering, Finance, Health Science and Laws.

They will be available to students who are only slightly below the cut-off for HECS places for the course, and the University's current minimum entry score for all students (342/500) will remain in force. There will be limited scope for transfer to HECS places in later years of the course. The access to such places will be decided on merit.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Doug McEachern said the entry requirements for full-fee places reflected the University's traditional and ongoing commitment to academic excellence.

"These full-fee places are additional to the University's normal offering of HECS places -- they do not replace HECS places, and HECS places will be offered in the usual way. The full-fee option is something new -- it represents an additional opportunity for some students who strongly wish to enter a particular course but have missed the cut-off by only a few points.

"We expect interest in these places from school leavers and from mature-age students."

Fees will be generally comparable with fees charged for international students and will range from $10,700 per annum for the Bachelor of Law to $22,800 per annum for the first years of the Bachelor of Dental Science.

The University will be seeking business support for scholarships for some of the new places.

Full details of entry requirements will be available soon. In the meantime, students or parents with inquiries about full-fee places may contact the Student Information Office (1800 061 459) to make arrangements to receive detailed information when it is available.


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