How do you feel about growing old?

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

How do you feel about growing old? Head in the sand or 'bring it on!'

Radio Adelaide invites you to reflect on your own ageing process through a series of stimulating and distinctly engaging discussions: 5 tables for 5 - Conversations Around Queer Ageing, 10am every Sunday in April.

This innovative five-part series uses an intimate 'dinner party' format to reveal feelings, share thoughts and challenge some of the cultural notions of ageing as a member of the Queer community, which embraces gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people.

Pull a chair up to the table and come on a conversational journey about moving towards older age as the 25 guests at five separate tables divulge, detail and discuss their experience of ageing from a Queer point of view.

"Just as in the mainstream," says producer Logan Bold, "there are aspects of Queer culture that worship youth and beauty. So where do you fit, if you don't fit into that, on top of a lifelong feeling of exclusion because of your sexuality?

"It was fascinating to see how different people approached ageing and how having fought for the right to their sexuality gave them a sense of power in their identity as an older person," says Mr Bold. "But in the end, age is still always the great leveller and these stories will strike a chord with all people."

The dinner party guests range in age from 35 to 78, involving some fascinating voices and lives from several generations of Adelaide's Queer communities.

Produced with support from the Positive Ageing program of the Department of Families and Communities, 5 tables for 5 will revive good feelings about growing older and is recommended listening for anyone interested in the life-changing and challenging experience of ageing, regardless of gender, age or sexual preference.

5 tables for 5 - Conversations Around Queer Ageing
10am every Sunday in April

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