The link between cancer and hormones

Thursday, 26 August 2004

A free public lecture given today (Thursday, August 26) by one of the University of Adelaide's leading researchers will explore the link between cancer and hormones.

Professor Wayne Tilley, who holds the Dame Roma Mitchell Chair in Cancer Research at the University of Adelaide, will talk about his research as part of a special series of free lectures hosted by the University.

The series features free public lectures by new professors at the University, who are widely recognised as national and international leaders in their fields. Today's lecture is the second in the series of eight lectures, which will be held each Thursday at 1.10pm until October 7.

This is a unique opportunity for the people of Adelaide to hear from some of the nation's best minds, all based at the University of Adelaide.

Other topics to be covered during this latest round of lectures include:

  • the genesis of of Australian vegetation
  • the impact of research on the oil and gas industry
  • the use of torture against people linked with terrorism
  • the building blocks of life itself
  • developments in telecommunications
  • how we process visual information
  • "cellular policemen" that exist in our bodies

WHAT: "Hormones and cancer: a delicate balance" by Professor Wayne Tilley (Medicine)
WHERE: Council Room, Level 7, Wills Building, University of Adelaide - North Terrace Campus
WHEN: 1.10pm Thursday, August 26

Professor Tilley's research program aims to understand how breast and prostate cancer escape from hormonal control, and develop new more specific hormonal therapies for these cancers. Growth of breast and prostate cancers is initially controlled by sex hormones, such as oestrogen and testosterone. Current treatments work by blocking the action of these hormones in the cancer cells. As not all patients continue to respond to these treatments, new therapies are urgently required.

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