More engineering places offered in 2001

Wednesday, 20 December 2000

YEAR 12 students who receive their long-awaited results today probably don't realise they now have a better chance than ever of getting into some of the toughest Engineering courses in Australia.

For many years, Engineering and Information Technology-related courses at Adelaide University have been in very high demand, with extremely high entry scores required to obtain a place.

As a result of this demand, the number of places within these programs has been significantly increased for 2001. An extra 40 places in total has been made available in all Bachelor of Engineering programs, an extra 20 in the Bachelor of Computer Science, and an extra 20 also in the Bachelor of Science (Maths & Computer Science).

Because of the additional places, the entry score for these programs in 2001 is expected to drop slightly, making them accessible to a much wider range of students.

"Students who had previously thought that they wouldn't achieve results which would gain entry to these programs may wish to reconsider their preferences," says Professor Ian Young, Adelaide University's Executive Dean of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences.

"The additional places in these programs has been designed to assist the State Government's directions to make South Australia a high technology centre, by ensuring there is an increased number of graduates in these high-demand areas.

"Employment rates for graduates from these programs has been almost 100%," he says.

In a major new development, Adelaide University will also make available an additional 30 places in postgraduate coursework IT programs. These programs have been designed for graduates of IT programs who want to increase their skills, and for graduates in other areas who want to re-skill in IT areas. In a major departure from previous years, students in these programs will be eligible for government HECS support, rather than pay fees. This initiative is expected to significantly increase the number of trained IT professionals.

Potential students interested in either undergraduate or postgraduate Engineering or IT places at Adelaide University should contact the Student Centre on 8303 5208.

MEDIA CONTACT: Professor Ian Young: (08) 8303 4700 or 0414 882 066.


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