Ideas festival to continue... on air!

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

The Festival of Ideas might only last four days, but the real impact is about what happens next.

The Festival - starting tomorrow - brings leaders in their fields across the disciplines of science, economics and environment, religion, human rights and journalism together to discuss and think with the public on major topics of concern in today's world. It runs from 5-8 July, with many of the sessions held at the University of Adelaide.

Starting Monday 9 July, and continuing daily at 12 noon each weekday for two weeks, Radio Adelaide will broadcast The Festival of Ideas ON AIR - in Adelaide via 101.5FM, and globally through online streaming and podcasts.

"In the current fast-paced media environment, this is a rare opportunity to chew over a topic in depth and with detail, to grasp the complex idea rather than the catchy one," says Radio Adelaide Manager Deborah Welch.

"We're challenging listeners to stretch their concentration span back to its original flexibility."

Radio Adelaide and the State Library of South Australia is recording all the sessions at the Festival, so for those who are unable to attend, want to hear a dynamic session again, or want their friends to hear something that inspired them, there are many ways to be part of the ongoing ideasfest.

"The partnership between Radio Adelaide, the State Library of South Australia and the Festival has been created so that many more people can participate in this important exchange of ideas through radio broadcast, online audio through the Adelaide Festival of Ideas website and the creation of an audio archive in the State Library," Ms Welch says.

"The Festival of Ideas ON AIR is extremely popular because many people want to share the ideas they've heard at the Festival and then do something with them.

"It also provides un-paralleled access to people who can't attend, as the medium of radio is still the most popular and accessible of all media."


Broadcast schedule and online orders are available at: from midday on Monday 9 July.

The University of Adelaide and Radio Adelaide are both sponsors of the Festival of Ideas. Radio Adelaide is part of the University of Adelaide.


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