Turning Adelaide into a technopolis

Thursday, 15 February 2001

How to turn Adelaide into a "technopolis" will be the subject of a breakfast discussion and videoconference involving representatives of universities, government, media and industry this weekend.

The Good News Breakfast and Videoconference, to take place at the Royal Adelaide Hospital Videoconference Centre on Saturday (17th Feb.) at 9.30am, is being organised by Adelaide University in conjunction with the University of Texas at Austin (Adelaide's sister city). It will include a video link with speakers at the University of Texas, which has an international reputation in the field of technology commercialisation.

Professor Ray Radosevich, who runs the Management of Technology program at the University of New Mexico, will be in Adelaide for the conference. He has been involved in technology innovation throughout the United States and has extensive experience in developing strategic alliances. He will outline how Albuquerque, a small desert city in New Mexico, has lifted its regional prosperity through technology commercialisation, and how Adelaide can do the same.

Professor Reg Coutts, Director of Adelaide University's Centre for Telecommunications, said the conference had been planned originally for students enrolled in the University's Master of Science and Technology Commercialisation, which is offered in association with the University of Texas. But he said the theme was so important that it had been decided to invite selected representatives of media, government and industry, also.

"We view this as the launch of a broader strategy to position Adelaide as a technopolis in the region," he said. "We can learn how to do this from the experiences of other cities in the United States and Europe. Adelaide already has some of the elements required, including a strong universities' sector and a solid research and development base."

Please note: Breakfast begins at 9.30am followed by two-hour videoconference. The Royal Adelaide Hospital Videoconference Centre is in the Robson Theatre at the Eleanor Harrald Building, 100 metres down Frome Road from North Terrace

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