ANZCCART rolls on

Wednesday, 28 February 2001

ANZCCART is on the move. The body, whose full title is the Australian and New Zealand Council for the Care of Animals in Research and Teaching, promotes excellence in the care of animals used in research and teaching, ensures that the outcomes of these activities are worthwhile and fosters informed debate among the scientific and wider community about the ethical use of animals in science and research.

It is an influential body, whose board includes representatives from the Australian Vice Chancellors Committee, CSIRO, NHMRC, ARC and Royal Society of New Zealand. Members include state governments, the Academies of Science and Technological Science, and various professional bodies.

Since 1992, ANZCCART has had its home at Adelaide University's Waite Campus in the Department of Animal Science. With that department moving to Roseworthy in 2000, a new home had to be found for the organisation. The Department of Evolutionary Biology offered space in the Darling building, and ANZCCART relocated to there on 1st February.

"ANZCCART is not, as many think a policing agency but examines policy and has an educational role," said the department's head, Professor Russell Baudinette. "It seeks to lead the debate on the widest range of animal welfare matters. As a university with strengths in biological sciences it is appropriate that we are at the forefront of this activity," he said.

"Our graduates should be aware of the current debate and history of animal welfare issues and that it is a legitimate area of research," said Professor Baudinette. "I believe that the university is fortunate that the organisation is based here, and we will promote greater two-way exchange," he said. "ANZCCART also promotes national conferences, and this will bring a wide range of bioscience and veterinary workers to the university."

ANZCCART's Director, Dr Robert Baker, already holds various positions within the University and is well-known for his work in animal welfare. "As a former Director of the Adelaide Zoo, I had a close affinity with the old department of Zoology, and I look forward to a stimulating and mutually beneficial time here," said Dr Baker. "I am very pleased that Professor Baudinette has offered us accommodation, and the Board is delighted that the new arrangements have worked so well," he said.


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