Asia-Pacific Telecomm merger boosts home business

Monday, 2 April 2001

Following the announcement of the planned merger between SingTel and CW Optus, Adelaide University is set to play a key role in developing managers at the forefront of the new economy in the Asia-Pacific region.

Adelaide University's Graduate School of Management is ranked as one of the top 25 Business Schools in the region. The School has been invited by SingTel (Singapore Telecommunications) to offer its Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree in infocomm management (MBA(Infocomm Mgt) to their senior managers.

"Singtel is positioning itself as Asia's leader in telecommunications, and Adelaide University is making a direct contribution to business success, not only in Adelaide but also in the Asia Pacific," said Dr Helen Thorne, Dean of the Graduate School of Management.

The Singapore government has announced its intention to formulate the 'Infocomm Masterplan,' to develop Singapore into a dynamic and vibrant Information and Communications capital with a thriving and prosperous internet economy by the year 2010.

Dr Thorne was instrumental in the negotiation of a formal agreement with Singtel to provide the in-house program.

"The University is making a large contribution to the region," said Dr Thorne. "It is playing its part in SingTel's globalisation strategy by training their senior managers through this in-house MBA in Information and Communications Management," she said.

The curriculum of the MBA covers telecom industry analysis, marketing, finance, globalisation and management issues.

The MBA (InfoComm Mgmt) program will start in July, and is likely to benefit Australia as well as Singapore.

"Many of SingTel's managers will be sent to the Adelaide program at the SingTel academy in Singapore," said Dr Thorne, "And we may expect a 'backflow' of educational programs to Australia. For example, programs designed in Australia for Asian managers will benefit Australian managers, since Optus will now be part of SingTel," she said.


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